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Use AT&T Video Call for smartphones

Learn how AT&T Video Call allows you to make and receive HD Voice calls with real-time video.


What to know

To use AT&T Video Call1 make sure you have:


Heads up: If your phone's not compatible with HD Voice, find out how to upgrade phone or device. Have an unlocked device?

How to make and receive video calls

Making a video call
Want to place a video call? It’s just like making a voice call, only you have to press the Video Call button.
  • If the button’s green before you place a call, you can choose to place the call as a video call.
  • If the button lights up after placing an HD Voice call, press Video Call to change to a video call.

Getting a video call
When you get a video call, choose any one of these options:
  • Accept video call
  • Accept but don’t show me
  • Accept as voice only
  • Decline
  • Decline with message (only on select devices)

Keep in mind: Accept video call starts a 2-way call where both parties can see each other.

Your AT&T Video Call switches to voice calls…
If a caller:
  • Goes outside of our or another carriers’ HD Voice domestic coverage area and doesn’t have suitable Wi-Fi coverage
  • Has a smartphone that can’t get AT&T Video Calls (the Video Call button doesn’t light up)
  • Isn’t set up for AT&T HD Voice
  • Declines your request
  • Turns off the Video Call setting
  • Turns off standard data or enhanced 4G LTE services
  • Blocks the AT&T Video Call feature

How we bill AT&T Video Calls

Since AT&T Video Call combines an HD Voice call with real-time video, the:
  • HD Voice portion bills as a regular voice call when carried on our network.
  • Video portion bills data use when carried on the cellular network

Good to know: There’s no charge once a video call transfers over to Wi-Fi®.

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