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Set up Advanced Messaging

Send high-resolution pics and longer videos and see when your messages are delivered and read.

Quick answer

What do I get with Advanced Messaging?

How do I use Advanced Messaging?

How do I enable or disable Advanced Messaging?


Using Advanced Messaging

Make sure you and the person you’re messaging are both in our owned and operated domestic coverage area and have:

Good to know:
If you’ve blocked your line’s text or data, Advanced Messaging won’t work. Be sure to disable any blocks to use this feature. Have an unlocked device? Find out if it’ll accommodate Advanced Messaging (PDF, 150KB)

Advanced Messaging vs. traditional messaging

Advanced Messaging varies by smartphone and software version of both the sender and the recipient. The newest version of Advanced Messaging, RCS Universal Profile (UP) 1.0, is available for a growing list of popular smartphones. Look for more phones to be added in the future.

FeatureTraditional text messagingAdvanced Messaging Advanced Messaging RCS UP 1.0
Delivery receipts XX
Read receipts XX
Typing notifications XX
File sharing up to 1MBX  
File sharing up to 10MB X 
File sharing up to 100MB  X
Group message up to 10 contactsXX 
Group message more than 10 contacts  X
Open group chat (you can add or remove others on same thread)  X

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