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Learn about smartphone installment plans

Find out how to use an installment plan to get your next smartphone and compare installment plan pricing options.


Smartphone installment plan details

Instead of paying full price upfront when you get a new phone, you can choose an installment plan. You’ll get the latest smartphone for $0 down, no interest, no finance fees, and the price of your new phone is spread across low monthly payments.

Compare smartphone installment plans

AT&T Installment Plan

You make 36 low monthly payments. After you pay your device in full, you can upgrade (no need to turn in your old device).
  • You can pay off the installment balance at any time to keep your old smartphone and buy a new one.

AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up

You make 36 low monthly payments and get the option to upgrade early for $6 more per month.1
  • With Next UpSM, you get the flexibility to upgrade early after 50% of the phone is paid off and the phone is turned in. (The $6 per month AT&T Next Up charge doesn’t apply toward the balance you owe on your phone.)
  • You can also prepay to upgrade even faster with a lump sum amount to reach 50% of the smartphone price. Remember, you’ll have to turn your current smartphone in or start the turn-in process online before you can upgrade.
  • No longer want the AT&T Next Up upgrade option? If you bought your phone:
Heads up: If you decide to remove the AT&T Next Up upgrade option, you can’t add it back.

Compare prices online

  1. Go to Shop smartphones.
  2. Look for Filter and sort and choose a smartphone.
  3. Compare the price for the smartphone on the different installment plan options.

Non-smartphone installment plan

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