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AT&T App Select

AT&T App Select sends you monthly app recommendations that help you choose apps to install on your Android device.


AT&T App Select


AT&T App Select
AT&T App Select helps you discover and install apps on your Android phone or tablet. It makes recommendations based on what apps you already have on your device and how you use those apps. You'll receive a new list of app suggestions each month if you agree to our:
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

You can access App Select through the Setup & Transfer process on most Android devices. Downloads initiated through App Select will not count toward your data plan.1 You also can uninstall those apps whenever you like. 

If you skip Setup & Transfer, we’ll send you a notification for another chance to check out App Select.

App Select offers the following:
  • Short list of recommended apps.
  • Easy selection and download of the apps you want.
  • Monthly notices with new app recommendations for you.
You can opt out at any time through the Discontinue App Select option in the menu. You also can end notifications for App Select in your device settings.

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