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Stop unwanted calls with AT&T Call Protect

Tired of dealing with fraudulent and unwanted calls? Automatic, network-based call blocking helps defend against calls you don’t want.


About AT&T Call Protect

How Call Protect helps1
  • Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before they reach you using automatic fraud blocking2
  • Alerts you when you get calls from potential nuisance sources like telemarketers, debt collectors, and more (available in HD Voice coverage areas)3
  • Provides alerts and lets you block Spam Risk labeled calls (in-app feature)3
  • Blocks unwanted calls by adding the number to your personal block list (in-app feature)4
  • Sends callers who aren’t in your contact list to voicemail, blocking unknown callers (Heads up: Enabling this feature will send callers to your voicemail. In-app feature.)
  • Reports suspected spam and fraud calls to help improve service for everyone
  • Allows call blocking and spam reporting using SIRI voice commands on iOS devices
  • Alerts you of Breach Reports from AT&T Mobile Security (separate app required) – this lets you get immediate notifications when breaches occur in companies where you have IDs
  • AT&T Wireless or AT&T PREPAIDSM service
  • An HD Voice-capable iOS (iPhone® 6 or above) or Android smartphone
  • Device purchased through us (smartphones sold by other carriers or directly from device manufacturers may not be eligible)
  • The Call Protect app5 from the App Store or Google Play

Good to know:

AT&T Call Protect features

Automatic fraud blocking2
Detects and blocks potential fraud calls before they reach you. You can view a list of blocked calls in the app.

Call Protect is compatible with NumberSync, Wi-Fi Calling, and AT&T Video CallSM. However, it will only work on the primary smartphone number if it’s synced with a device.

Unknown callers
Send all callers who aren’t saved in your contact list directly to voicemail. You’ll have to upload your contact list to use this feature.

Numbers or categories you chose to block will also remain blocked. These numbers may include emergency responders that aren’t stored in your contact list.

Keep in mind:
  • You must have an active mailbox for this feature to work.
  • The app updates all changes you make to your contact list every 24 hours for Android devices and whenever you open the app on iOS® devices.
  • When you turn off this feature by setting it to Allow, we’ll remove your contact list from the cloud within 48 hours.

Spam call warnings and blocking
We’ll send all calls flagged as a Spam Risk3 to voicemail or block them, based on your selection. All other nuisance calls (private, account services, telemarketers, surveys, or nonprofit) will ring through with a warning if you don’t have a subscription to AT&T Call Protect Plus.

Personal block list4
To block any number, choose from your Call Protect call log, your contacts, or by typing it in. You can see your list of blocked numbers in the app anytime.

Heads up:
  • We automatically block potential fraud calls, unless you choose to allow them. When private callers hide their numbers and the app flags the calls as fraud or spam, we’ll display them as 000-000-0000 on the caller ID.
  • If your phone has a block list feature, the numbers you block in the AT&T Call Protect app won’t show on that list and vice versa.5

SIRI shortcuts (iOS only)
Enable SIRI shortcuts to block and report calls using voice commands.

Report calls
Report any number that appears on your Call Protect Call log list as an unwanted call. You can also use this feature to let us know when we flagged a call incorrectly.

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