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Activate a device replaced by insurance

Did you get an insurance replacement for an AT&T wireless or AT&T PREPAID phone or device? Call AT&T ProTech to activate it.

Can I activate a replacement device with my SIM card?
If you have the SIM card from your old phone, insert it into your new one (you can’t reuse eSIMs). Try placing a call or getting online without using Wi-Fi® to make sure the phone is working.

Set up your replacement

Have your replacement device handy? Here’s what to do: 
  1. Remove it from the shipping box. You will use this box to return your damaged device. 
  2. Charge your replacement device. 
  3. Replace or activate your SIM card: 
    • Existing physical SIM - If you’re reusing a SIM, insert it into your replacement device.
    • New wireless physical SIM - Call AT&T ProTech℠ at 888.490.6096 to get help with activation and setup.
    • New AT&T PREPAID℠ physical SIM - Call ProTech at 866.727.1998 for activation and setup help.
    • eSIM - If your new device supports 2 phone numbers, your replacement will include a physical AT&T SIM card plus eSIM capability. ProTech can activate and set up your replacement device, including your eSIM, if you plan to use both numbers. (If one of your SIMs was a Mexico SIM, head over to your local AT&T store to get it replaced).

Once you’ve activated your new device, learn how to transfer contacts and content to your replacement device.
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Return your old device

Mail your damaged device to Asurion within 10 days of receiving your replacement device.

Heads up: These steps don’t apply to lost or stolen devices.
  1. Erase all personal content and settings from your damaged device:
  2. Remove the case, memory and SIM cards, and accessories from your damaged device.
  3. Put your damaged device in the enclosed inflatable pouch. Place the device and battery securely in the shipping box.
  4. Put the bottom part of your packing slip into the shipping box.
  5. Seal the box with the enclosed tape and attach the prepaid label over the original label.
  6. Return the package through U.S. mail.
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