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Inactive cloud inbox removal

Learn about the removal of inactive Cloud inboxes and how to keep your cloud inbox.



The AT&T Messages Backup & Sync service backs up your text and picture messages in the AT&T cloud. Because your messages are in the cloud, you can send and receive texts from a tablet, wearable, computer, and eligible apps using your mobile number. Messages stored in the cloud can be downloaded to smartphones that support AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

If you received a text message indicating that your stored messages will be removed and you no longer want your messages backed up in the AT&T cloud, no further action is needed. Your messages stored in the cloud will be deleted, however, no text or picture messages will be deleted from your phone.

If you wish to keep your messages backed up in the AT&T cloud, you’ll need to take any of the following actions before the date listed in the text message.

If you have an Android device
  • Turn on AT&T Messages Backup & Sync on a supported Android smartphone - open the Messaging app, tap Settings > AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. Choose Turn it On or Sync Messages.
  • Use AT&T Messages for Tablet on your Android tablet. It may be preinstalled or you can find it in the Google Play store.
  • Sync your AT&T NumberSyncSM wearable.
  • Sign in to on your tablet or computer.

If you have an iPhone® or other device

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