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Get info about Mobile Share Plus plans

Have a Mobile Share Plus plan? Get details about it and learn how to manage it.


Explore Mobile Share Plus options

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What to know

Here’s a quick recap of what you get with AT&T Mobile Share Plus1:
  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • Shareable data
  • Rollover Data®
  • Unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 120 countries
  • Tethering and mobile hotspot for eligible devices
  • Calling from Mexico1
  • Monthly discount when you sign up for both paperless billing and AutoPay (starts within 2 bill periods)
  • Spam and fraud alert notifications on your phone2

Heads up: With Mobile Share Plus, we may temporarily slow your speed when the network is busy.
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About data use and overage charges

Say goodbye to overage charges. Instead, we’ll just slow your speed to 128 Kbps (2G speeds) for all lines on your account if you use all your data in a bill period.3 Your speed goes back to normal when your next bill period starts.

Reduced data speeds

If we slow your data speed, you can still view websites and check email. But, some activities may not work fully at slower speeds, including:
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Picture and video messaging
  • Interactive gaming
  • Downloading and uploading large files
  • Using Sponsored Data®

For more info on data speeds, check out

Advanced data usage notifications and options

We automatically send courtesy text messages and emails when you’ve used 75% and 100% of your data allowance. Plus, we send it to all your phones so you can adjust your data use to avoid reduced speeds.

If you use 100% of your data allowance and want faster speeds, you’ve got options:
  • Use Wi-Fi® instead of mobile data until the next bill period. Your plan data resets when the next bill period starts, and your data speed will return to normal.
  • Switch to a plan with more data before the end of the bill period. You’ll get a new data allowance with normal speeds after you switch. To switch your plan, go to your account overview. Open the My wireless section, then select Manage my plan or See my plan and features. We’ll backdate your plan as long as it doesn't have an account or service change.
  • Get tips on how to manage your data use. Examples include, temporarily turning off data for specific devices or using Wi-Fi to reduce mobile data use.
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Manage your plan and usage

Add a Mobile Share Plus plan

  • Already have our wireless service? Sign in to myAT&T to change your plan. 
  • Getting new wireless service with us? Call 888.333.6651 or visit an AT&T store.

View current plan details

Sign in to myAT&T, then choose My wireless to see your plan name and details.

See all important details
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