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Find wireless phones for hearing aids

Have a hearing disability? Get info on the wireless phones that work best with hearing aids. (Last updated October 30, 2020.)


Choosing a phone that works with hearing aids

Did you know some wireless phones interfere with hearing aids? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) updated the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 (HAC Act). Now, people who are deaf or hard of hearing have a wider choice of phones that work with hearing aids.

Find out more about FCC hearing aid compatibility requirements for wireless phones

Hearing and speech accessibility
Today's wireless phones include features that make typing and video calling easier, like:
  • Large screens for video
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Video calling and chat
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Web browsing
  • Full QWERTY keyboards
  • Predictive text or autocomplete
  • Bluetooth® keyboard connections

If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, these resources can help you find the right wireless phone:

Want info on other accessible wireless devices and apps? Try the multilingual Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI).
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Compatible AT&T wireless phones

The following devices are tested and rated using FCC guidelines for Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC). You can use the HAC ratings, M-ratings, and T-ratings to find a phone. We update this list regularly.

Want to make sure there isn’t noise interference with a device? Use your hearing aid or cochlear implant to try different phone features in different locations. Ask us or the phone manufacturer for info about a phone’s hearing-aid compatibility. We can also answer your questions about return or exchange policies.

Currently available

Devices that perform well with hearing aids
ManufacturerModelLTEWi-FiFCC IDRatingFunctionality level
AlcatelidealXTRAYesYes2ACCJB079M4, T3Best
AlcatelInsightYesYes2ACCJH103M4, T3Best
AlcatelSmartflipYesYes2ACCJN031M4, T4Best
AppleiPhone 7YesYesBCG-E3091AM3, T3Best
AppleiPhone 8 PlusYesYesBCG-E3174AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone SEYesYesBCG-E2945AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone XRYesYesBCG-E3220AM4, T4Best
AppleiPhone XSYesYesBCG-3218AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone XS MaxYesYesBCG-3219AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 11YesYesBCG-E3309AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 11 ProYesYesBCG-E3305AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxYesYesBCG-E3306AM3, T4Best
AT&TAXIAYesYes2AO6NA001M4, T4Best
AT&TCingular Flip IVYesYesXD6U102AAM4, T4Good
AT&TRadiant CoreYesYesXD6U304AAM4, T4Best
AT&TRadiant MaxYesYesXD6U705AAM4, T4Best
KyoceraDuraForce PRO 2YesYesV65E6920M3, T3Best
LGArena 2YesYesZNFX320APMM3, T3Best
LGG8X ThinQYesYesZNFG850UMM4, T3Best
LGK40YesYesZNFX420ASM4, T3Best
LGNeon PlusYesYesZNFX320AM8M3, T3Best
LGPhoenix 4YesYesZNFX410APMM3, T3Best
LGPhoenix 5YesYesZNFK300AMM4, T3Best
LGPrime 2YesYesZNFX320AAM3, T3Best
LGStylo 4+YesYesZNFQ710WAM4, T3Best
LGStylo 5+YesYesZNFQ720AMM4, T3Best
LGV40 ThinQYesYesZNFV405UAM3, T3Best
LGV60 ThinQ 5GYesYesZNFV600AMM4, T4Best
LGVelvet 5GYesYesZNFG900UMM4, T3Best
Motorolaone 5G

IHDT56ZC2M3, T3Best
Motorolamoto g7 PLAYYesYesIHDT56XR1M4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A01YesYesA3LSMA015AM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A11YesYesA3LSMA115AM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A51 5GYesYesA3LSMA515UM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A71YesYesA3LSMA716UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy J2 DashYesYesA3LSMJ260AZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Note10YesYesA3LSMN970UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 5GYesYesA3LSMN981UZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GYesYesA3LSMN986UZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S10YesYesA3LSMG973UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S10eYesYesA3LSMG970UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 20 5GYesYesA3LSMG981UZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 20+ 5GYesYesA3LSMG986UZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 20 FE 5G

A3LSMG781UM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 20 Ultra 5GYesYesA3LSMG988UZM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy XCover FieldProYesYesA3LSMG889AM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy XCover FieldProYesYesA3LSMG889AM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Z FlipYesYesA3LSMF700UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip 5GYesYesA3LSMF707UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold2 5G

A3LSMF916UZM4, T3Best
SonimXP3YesYesWYPPG2212M4, T4Best
SonimXP5sYesYesWYPPC2100M4, T4Better
SonimXP8YesYesWYPPC4000M3, T4Best

Previously available

Devices that perform well with hearing aids
ManufacturerModelLTEWi-FiFCC IDRatingFunctionality level
AlcatelidealXTRA/CAMEOXYesYes2ACCJH094M4, T4Best
Alcatel TetraYesYes2ACCJH087M4, T3Best
AppleiPhone 6YesYesBCG-E2816AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 6sYesYesBCG-E2946AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 6s PlusYesYesBCG-E2944AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 7 PlusYesYesBCG-E3087AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone 8YesYesBCG-E3172AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone SEYesYesBCG-E2945AM3, T4Best
AppleiPhone XYesYesBCG-E3161AM3, T4Best
AT&TCingular Flip 2YesYes2ACCJN012M4, T4Good
AT&TCingular Flip 3YesYes2AO6NF001M4, T4Good
AT&TMaestroYesYesXD6U202AAM3, T3Good
BlackBerryKEYoneYesYes2ACCJN016M4, T3Good
GooglePixel 4YesYesA4RG020IM3, T4Best
Pixel 4 XL
YesYesA4RG020JM3, T4Best
KyoceraDuraForce PROYesYesV65E6820M4, T3Best
KyoceraDuraXEYesYesV65E4710M4, T4Best
G8 ThinQYesYesZNFG820UMM4, T3Best
LGG6YesYesZNFH871M3, T3Best
LGG6 DuoYesYesZNFH871SM3, T3Best
LGK20YesYesZNFM255M3, T3Best
LGK30YesYesZNFX410ASM3, T3Best
LGPhoenix 3YesYesZNFM150M3, T3Best
LGPhoenix PlusYesYesZNFX410ASM3, T3Best
LGV30YesYesZNFH930M3, T3Best
LGV35 ThinQYesYesZNFV350AM3, T3Best
LGXpression Plus 2YesYesZNFX420AS8M4, T4Best
LGX ventureYesYesZNFH700M4, T3Best
MotorolaMoto Z2 Force EditionYesYesIHDT56WB4M3, T3Best
MotorolaMoto e5 playYesYesIHDT56XF2M3, T3Best
MotorolaMoto g play 6th genYesYesIHDT56XB1M3, T3Best
Nokia3.1 AYesYes2AJOTTA1140M3, T4Best
RazrPhone 2  RWO-RZ350259M3, T3Best
RedHydrogen OneYesYes2AOYWH1A1000M4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A10eYesYesA3LSMA102UM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A51 5GYesYesA3LSMA516UM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy A6YesYesA3LSMA600AM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Express Prime/J3(2017)YesYesA3LSMJ320AM3, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy Express Prime 2YesYesA3LSMJ327AM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Express Prime 3/J3(2018)YesYesA3LSMJ337AM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy FoldYesYesA3LSMF900UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy J7 (2017)YesYesA3LSMJ727AM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy J7 (2018)YesYesA3LSMJ737AM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 7YesYesA3LSMG930USM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S® 7 Edge*YesYesA3LSMG935USM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 8YesYesA3LSMG950UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 8+YesYesA3LSMG955UM3, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 8 ActiveYesYesA3LSMG892AM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 9YesYesA3LSMG960UM4, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy S 9+YesYesA3LSMG965UM4, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy S 10 5GYesYesA3LSMG977UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy S 10+YesYesA3LSMG975UM4, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy Note8YesYesA3LSMN950UM3, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy Note9YesYesA3LSMN960UM3, T4Best
SamsungGalaxy Note10+YesYesA3LSMN975UM4, T3Best
SamsungGalaxy Note10+ 5GYesYesA3LSMN976UZM4, T3Best
SonimXP5YesYesWYPL15V013AAM3, T3Best
ZTEAxon MYesYesSRQ-Z999M4, T4Better
ZTEBlade SparkYesYesSRQ-Z971M3, T3Best
ZTEMaven 3YesYesSRQ-Z835M3, T3Best

M-ratings for mobile phones
M-ratings indicate how well phones reduce interference to a hearing aid operating in acoustic coupling mode. Each phone is assigned an M-rating from M1 to M4. M4 is the highest. The higher the rating, the more likely the phone avoids interference. Under FCC rules, a phone must have an M-rating of M3 or M4 to be hearing aid compatible. These phones are less likely to interfere with hearing aids.

Some hearing aids are also measured for resistance to interference. Want to know about yours? Check with the device manufacturer or your hearing health professional.

T-ratings for mobile phones
T-ratings indicate how well phones reduce interference to a hearing aid operating in inductive coupling mode, in other words, with a telecoil. Each phone is assigned a rating from T1 to T4. T4 is the highest. The higher the rating, the better the phone avoids interference. Under FCC rules, a phones must have a T-rating of T3 or T4 to be hearing aid compatible. These phones are more likely to work well for people who use hearing aids with telecoils.

Functionality level
  • Good: Devices with basic technology that works well with entry-level data speeds
  • Better: Devices with advanced tech or functionality
  • Best: Devices with new tech or functionality that works best with faster data speeds
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More accessibility info

Looking for more info? Try these resources:

AT&T accessibility plans
Interested in an AT&T Accessibility plan? Get info about your options. To see if you qualify, fill out and submit the Accessibility Plan Application and Certification Form (PDF, 115 KB)

National Center for Customers with Disabilities
Questions about teletypewriter (TTY)-compatible phones, or want more help? Call our National Center for Customers with Disabilities (NCCD). The NCCD is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET.
  • Voice calls - 866.241.6568
  • TTY calls - 866.241.6567
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