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Enable AT&T Mobile Security antivirus on Android devices

Learn how AT&T Mobile Security scans for malware on apps, files placed directly on the SD card, or on data transferred between two devices.


Learn how to enable AT&T Mobile Security antivirus scans

AT&T Mobile Security dynamically scans for unsafe apps on your device
The app security feature is automatically set to On. Once you activate the service, each app installed or newly added to your device is scanned for malware.
  • If anything suspicious is identified, you’ll be notified instantly.
  • If notified, you'll be provided with information to help you manage the threat.
  • Apps are automatically scanned whenever there is an update.

File Security

File Security is a feature for Android that checks devices for unsafe files. This feature can be accessed from the Settings menu. It must be set to On. All files placed directly on the SD card or sideloaded are checked for threats. Sideload is the process of transferring data between two local devices, such as a computer and a mobile device.

This feature is important if you’ve changed the Android settings to allow for the installation of applications that are not downloaded from the Google PlayTM Store or other official app stores. File Security detects threats prior to the app or file's installation. It also allows AT&T Mobile Security app to actively monitor:
  • File system changes 
  • Scan SD-card loading or sideloading threats

When a threat is identified on a device, the Security tab within the app Dashboard will turn red and prompt you to take action. In some cases, an AT&T Malware Alert pop-up may appear on your device with instructions.

You can take the following actions:
  • Obtain More Info
  • Uninstall
  • Ignore

Note: This feature isn't guaranteed to detect or protect against all viruses and malware, and it does not automatically remove these threats from your device.

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