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Get Info About AT&T PREPAID Sponsored Data

Browse and stream content from data sponsors without using your plan data.


What to know

Sponsored Data® is included with these AT&T PREPAIDSM plans:
  • $50 Monthly
  • $45 Monthly
  • $40 Monthly
  • $35 Monthly
  • $33 Monthly
  • $30 Monthly
  • $25 Monthly

You can use it as long as you have one of these plans and Sponsored Data is turned on. Any Sponsored Data you use doesn’t count toward your monthly high-speed data allowance.

Good to know: Sponsored Data isn’t included in AT&T PREPAID plans for hotspots or tablets. You can only start a Sponsored Data session if you have high-speed data left in your monthly allowance. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

See Sponsored Data usage details

  1. Go to your AT&T PREPAID account.
  2. Select Account History.
  3. Search for Sponsored Data to see the sponsor’s name.

Opt in or opt out of Sponsored Data

  1. Go to your AT&T PREPAID account.
  2. Select Profile & Settings, and then Manage Data.
  3. Toggle on or off to opt in or opt out.
  4. Select Save Changes.
  5. Turn your phone off and back on.

Heads up: Want to turn Sponsored Data off? You can still use data and enjoy content, but it’ll count against your data allowance.