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Get AT&T Call Protect Plus

Find out how to activate and use the service on your smartphone.


Sign up and activate

Want more call protection? Sign up for AT&T Call ProtectSM Plus.1 You’ll also get AT&T Mobile Security Plus. Learn how to subscribe

Be sure to activate AT&T Call Protect (the basic feature) first. Here’s how:
  1. Download the latest version of AT&T Call Protect from the App Store or Google Play Store.2
  2. Open the app and tap Get Started.
  3. Review the details and accept the Terms & Conditions.
Heads up: If you buy a smartphone from another carrier or direct from a device manufacturer, it may not be eligible.

Subscribe to Call Protect Plus

Log into your myAT&T account and select AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect Plus from your wireless features menu. You can also upgrade within the app:

From the app:
  1. Tap More, then Manage account.
  2. Choose Unlock Plus and select I agree on the new screen.
  3. Sign in to iTunes and confirm your subscription.
From the Call Protect menu:
  1. Tap More, then Settings.
  2. Choose Manage account.
  3. Tap Unlock Plus.
  4. Sign in to Google Play and confirm your subscription.

Features you get with AT&T Call Protect Plus

In addition to the basic Call Protect features, you’ll get:
  • Caller ID: Get caller details, when available, in AT&T HD Voice-coverage areas.
  • Reverse number lookup: Identify caller details when you enter a U.S. number (up to 200 numbers per day).
  • Nuisance call controls: Choose which call categories (like telemarketer, political, nonprofit) to allow, block, or send to voicemail.
  • All features of AT&T Mobile Security Plus, including Public Wi-Fi Protection, Identity Monitoring, and more when you also download the AT&T Mobile Security app.
Get more info about AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect

Don’t want the service anymore? Learn how to cancel and remove Call Protect

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