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How to use Alexa with DIRECTV

Want more out of your entertainment? Use Alexa with DIRECTV.


Using the Alexa DIRECTV skill


Be sure you have:
  • DIRECTV service with an internet-connected Genie equipment 
  • An Amazon Alexa device like an Echo, Dot, or Tap

Find out how to set up the DIRECTV skill.

Heads up: If you change your password, you’ll have to set up the DIRECTV skill again.

DIRECTV Alexa commands

You can use lots of different voice commands with your DIRECTV service. Try some of these to go hands-free.

Search the guide

You can say:
  • Alexa, show me NFL games.
  • Alexa, search for The Big Bang Theory.
  • Alexa, find Mark Wahlberg.

Change the channel

You can say:
  • Alexa, go to ESPN.
  • Alexa, tune to channel 501.
  • Alexa, watch HBO.

Manage recordings

You can say:
  • Alexa, record Modern Family.
  • Alexa, record this.
  • Alexa, record NBC.

Control playback

You can say:
  • Alexa, pause.
  • Alexa, fast-forward.
  • Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.
  • Alexa, play. Or Alexa, resume when paused.
  • Alexa, resume to stop rewinding or fast-forwarding.

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