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Notification and usage info with AT&T Secure Family

Find out if your family member’s phone battery is running low, keep tabs on data use, connect quickly with a tap, and more.


Notifications, alerts, and emergency info

Battery status

See a color-coded icon of your child’s phone battery so you know when it’s running low.
  • Green tells you it’s charged above 20%.
  • Yellow shows when the battery is below 20%.
  • Gray means the battery is dead or the child’s phone isn’t paired to your device.

Call and text buttons

Call or text emergency contacts directly from Secure Family on either the parent or child device. By selecting the family member at the top of the app, you can tap Call to dial them or Text to create a message.

You can set up emergency or primary contact numbers on the companion app on your child’s device. Your child can tap Call to dial the emergency contact or Text to create a message. The texting function uses the default text app on the child’s phone.

Note: Neither the Call nor the Text buttons can be set up to contact 911.

Tamper alert

Get an in-app notification or text if your child tries to turn off location permissions. You’ll also get a heads-up if they alter or remove the Secure Family Companion app from their device.

Keep in mind, you won’t be notified if your child tries to access blocked content. Instead, if they have an Android device, they’ll see a screen letting them know the content is blocked. If they have an Apple device, they’ll get a network connection error message.

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