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Get more data with select plans

We’re adding more data to select Mobile Share Advantage plans starting in January 2019.


More about the data increase

Ready for more data at the same price? If you have a Mobile Share Advantage® plan with:
  • 32GB of data, your plan data will increase to 40GB.
  • 50GB of data, your plan data will increase to 65GB.

Here’s the breakdown.

Old plan namePrice New plan nameOld data amountNew data amount
Mobile Share Advantage 32GB$100Mobile Share Advantage Plus 40GB1
Mobile Share Advantage 50GB$120Mobile Share Advantage Plus 65GB11

Good to know: If you use all your monthly data, we’ll slow all data speeds to 3Mbps (that’s up from 128Kbps).

Not sure which plan you have? It’s easy to find out. Just sign in to myAT&T then locate the My wireless section to see your plan info.

Want even more data? Learn more about the latest unlimited plans.

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