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Get your Magic Leap One size

Learn how to choose the right size Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

What sizes are available?
You can choose from 2 sizes. Both are adjustable, but size 1 is smaller.

How do I get my Lightwear size?
Magic Leap's sizing tool uses your interpupillary distance (IPD) to select the right size for you. This is the distance (measured in millimeters) between the centers of the pupils of your eyes.
To get your IPD, use Magic Leap's mobile app or the sizing tool on All you have to do is hold a card up to your forehead. Then, look into the camera on your device. The app will measure and report your size.

What kind of card should I use?
Try using a card with minimal info on the back. Some library cards, membership cards, and metro cards can work. A card with a black magnetic stripe with a light background is best.

I already know my IPD. Can I find my Lightwear size?
Sure, it's a snap! There are only 2 sizes:
  • Size 1 for IPDs 64.9mm or less
  • Size 2 for IPDs 65mm or greater

If I get a different size recommendation each time I use Magic Leap's sizing tool, which size should I choose?
In this case, either size will likely work, but you should probably select size 1.

I followed the instructions, but I still can’t get a size suggestion. Why?
It could be many factors, including:
  • Improper lighting
  • Reflection into the camera
  • Wearing glasses
  • Squinting

Try to have a friend help. This way, nothing prevents you from getting measured properly.

Can Magic Leap's sizing tool help me decide what sizes to purchase for my company?
Approximately 65% of Magic Leap One users buy a size 1 device, and 35% buy a size 2 device. This statistic may change over time.

Use Magic Leap's mobile App to determine the exact size for your users. Although difficult for a bulk order, the sizing ratio is only a general guideline and shouldn’t be used to make final purchasing decisions.