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Get info about changes to AT&T Unlimited Choice plans

We didn’t send you a bill message to let you know about changes we made to your Unlimited Choice plan. These changes became effective on your May 2019 bill.


What to know

Because we didn’t send you this message earlier, you’ll get a one-time bill credit. The credit is based on the amount of the price increase you were billed on your May 2019 bill until 30 days we notified you of the change. It may take up to 2 bill periods to get this one-time credit.

Info about the change

Effective on your May 2019 bill, we no longer restrict your maximum plan speed to 3Mbps if you have an eligible AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSM plan.1 We also increased the plan price by $5 to $10 per month and changed the plan name to AT&T Unlimited Choice II.

We previously reduced your speed during times of network congestion only after you used 22GB of data on a line in a bill period. Now, we may slow your data speed whenever the network is busy. Your maximum video streaming speed of 1.5Mbps (standard-definition quality) will stay the same.

See the table for a detailed breakdown of these changes.

Not sure what plan you have? Check your account to confirm your plan name and price. Then decide your next steps. You can keep your plan, move to another one, or cancel your service.

PlanMonthly price before May 2019 bill2
Old speedMonthly plan price on May 2019 bill2
New speed
Unlimited Choice single line$45, plus access chargesMax of 3Mbps$50, plus access chargesUp to LTE
Unlimited Choice multi-line$85, plus access chargesMax of 3Mbps$95, plus access chargesUp to LTE

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