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Get info about changes to Mobile Share plans

Effective with your October 2019 bill, data and plan prices for select Mobile Share plans are increasing.

Enjoy more data. Starting with your October 2019 bill, you’ll get an extra 4GB of data on your Mobile Share plan. This bonus data comes with a $5 price increase.

Not sure what plan you have?
  1. Check your account to confirm your current plan, data amount and plan price. 
  2. Then see the table for a detailed breakdown to find out how your plan is changing.
  3. You can keep your plan, move to another plan, or cancel your service.

Plans getting an additional 4GB in data with a $5 increase
Old plan nameMonthly price before October 2019 billOld data amountNew plan nameMonthly price
as of October 2019 bill
New data amount
MS Value 5GB$505GB Mobile Share Value 9GB$559GB
Mobile Share Value 5GB with Rollover Data$505GB Mobile Share Value 9GB with Rollover Data$559GB

Last updated: August 30, 2019

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