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Learn about using AT&T PREPAID mobile data in Alaska

Get info about wireless data use on other providers’ networks.


What to know

We provide coverage in parts of Alaska using our own network. Plus, we provide coverage to other parts of the state where we don’t have our own network. We call this area off-net coverage.

Section 16 of your AT&T PREPAID Plan Terms mentions that there may be limits or restrictions imposed on your off-net usage. You received one or more notices because your line went over the 10GB of off-net data usage in Alaska during one or more months.

See the different sections for more info about why you received a notice.

What happens when you use 10GB+ of off-network data

The first time you use more than 10GB of off-net data in a month, you’ll:
  • Get a text alert letting you know that you’ve used more than 10GB in the last 30 days
  • See an Off-network banner on your device home screen to let you know when you’re in an off-net coverage area
To minimize your off-net usage, use Wi-Fi® as much as possible. Also, avoid downloading videos or uploading high-res pics until you're on Wi-Fi or back on our network.

If you continue to go over 10GB+ of data use in an off-net coverage area after getting this alert, we may cancel service for your line that used over 10GB of off-net data in a month.

Still using10GB+ of off-network data?

When you use more than 10GB of off-net data for 2 consecutive months, we’ll likely cancel your service as permitted in section 16 of the AT&T PREPAID Plan Terms. But if this happens, we’ll send you a text letting you know we’ll no longer provide wireless service for your line that used over 10GB of off-net data for multiple months.

If you get a notice that we’re cancelling your service, here are 2 providers in your area:
  • Arctic Slope Telephone Association Coop (ASTAC) has been providing telecommunications services to North Slope residents for 30 years. Contact ASTAC at or 800.478.6409.
  • Cordova Wireless Communications (CWC) has been providing telecommunications services for more than 20 years, and provides the largest, most complete network in Cordova, Alaska. Their coverage includes Prince William Sound, the Copper River flats, downtown Cordova, and all along the Copper River Highway. Contact CWC at or 907.424.2300.

Tips to manage your off-network data use

  • Explore our network coverage map to find out if you're using your device within our service area. Be sure to select the AT&T PREPAID℠ tab and zoom in at least 3 levels.
  • Check the top of your device screen to see if it says AT&T. If it doesn’t, you’re using another carrier's network.
  • Avoid streaming music, videos, or large files that use large amounts of data when off our network.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you can. Wi-Fi data use doesn't count against your off-network data allowance.
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