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Get help with a mobile hotspot

Having trouble setting up or connecting to your mobile hotspot? Here are some tips to help you get up and running.


Setup tips

Don’t see a mobile hotspot option on your phone? Try these options:
  • Make sure your current plan includes mobile hotspot use. If not, find out how to change your plan.
  • If you just updated to a plan with mobile hotspot use, turn your phone off and back on.
Already have the hotspot option? Learn how to enable it on your device

Tips to connect to a mobile hotspot

First, know your hotspot name and password. Here’s how to find them.
  • iOS devices: Go to Settings, then Cellular or Personal Hotspot.
  • Android devices: Go to Settings, then Connections or Networks, and finally Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
Can’t connect?
  • Check the internet connection on the device you’re using as a mobile hotspot. If you don’t have mobile data or can’t surf the internet, your hotspot may not work.
  • On the device you’re trying to get online, make sure you’re connecting to the hotspot’s network name and using the hotspot password.
  • Try restarting your mobile hotspot device and the device you want to connect.

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