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Create and set up a ZenKey account

The fast and safe way to register for apps and websites.


Sign up for a ZenKey account

Good to know
  • If you have an AT&T user ID, ZenKey will find your AT&T account using your phone number and ask you for your password.
  • If multiple people on your account share one AT&T user ID, and your phone number isn’t the primary on the account, you’ll have to create a new user ID to use with ZenKey. This puts you in control of your ZenKey identity and accounts.
  • You own your ZenKey identity, which is linked to your AT&T account. This lets us confirm you’re really you. You can’t change the ID linked to your ZenKey identity. Plus, at this time, your ZenKey identity remains with your AT&T account if you cancel service.
  • Have AT&T PREPAIDSM service? You’ll have to create an AT&T user ID and link your phone number to your it before activating your ZenKey ID. Get started
  • If you use a wireless number to sign in to your wireless account, you may see an ID prepopulated for it. We set up this security measure in case you don’t remember it. Rest assured, this ID is correct and the password you use when signing in with your phone number will work.
  • Download the ZenKey app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you have an Android® device, be sure you have the AT&T Security Services app.

How to sign up for a ZenKey account
  1. Open the ZenKey app.
  2. Sign in with your AT&T user ID and password. (This info may be pre-populated.)
  3. Enter your info, then create your ZenKey PIN.
  4. Select Confirm and follow the prompts to finish setting up your ZenKey account.

Helpful tips
Be sure to set up the recovery methods. Use these in the event you forget your PIN, when upgrading or reinstalling the ZenKey app or when you get a new phone. Recovery methods include:
  • Recovery codes. Copy your 5 recovery codes to your device’s clipboard or print them out. You’ll only see them once when you set up ZenKey, so be sure to save or print them to keep them handy.
  • Trusted devices. Set up a trusted device like a tablet or web browser. This makes it easier to verify your identity if you ever forget your PIN or other info.
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Set up a face or fingerprint ID

Use your ZenKey PIN or these security features to recover your account.

Enable Face ID or Trusted Face
Face ID® or Trusted Face data is stored locally on your device. If your phone has face scanner technology, follow these steps:
  1. Open the ZenKey app, then tap Settings.
  2. Select Create Biometrics, then tap Set Up Face ID or Set Up Trusted Face.
  3. Follow prompts to finish.

Enable Touch ID or Trusted Fingerprint
Touch ID or Trusted Fingerprint data is stored locally on your device. If your phone has a fingerprint scanner, follow these steps:
  1. Open the ZenKey app, then tap Settings.
  2. Select Create Biometrics and then tap Set Up Touch ID or Set Up Trusted Fingerprint.
  3. Follow prompts to complete the setup.
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Add trusted devices and businesses

Trusted devices
You can set up trusted devices, like your laptop, so you don’t have to enter a password each time you go to a supported service provider’s site. To set up trusted devices:
  1. Open the ZenKey app and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Trusted Device.
  3. Use your phone to open a camera view and tap I’m Ready.
  4. Enter the number under the QR code and select Confirm Code.

Apps and websites
You can link websites to you ZenKey acccount like: 
  • myAT&T
  • AT&T TV
  • Currently from AT&T
For a complete list, go to

Follow these steps to add them:
  1. Open the ZenKey app and tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Accounts, then to see a list of supported service providers.
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