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Play Trick Shot Kings for free

Have a new AT&T 5G smartphone? Shoot hoops and score points in this augmented reality (AR) basketball game.

Immerse yourself in a gritty, urban setting and play street basketball. Your smartphone screen overlays a virtual street basketball court on any flat surface right in front of you.

To start the game
  1. Download the free Trick Shot Kings app from your Games folder.
  2. Sign in using your Google Play account info and choose an avatar for your player.
  3. Select Single player or Multiplayer.
  4. Start shooting hoops!

About the app
Enjoy our 5G device-exclusive app with an active wireless plan and a new AT&T 5G smartphone. You can play Trick Shot Kings from any location – no need for a 5G signal.

  • Single player and multiplayer options: Play a solo game or compete against friends and other players across the country.
  • Nationwide leaderboard: See where you stand against other players in the race to become the Trick Shot King.
  • Six playable characters: Dominate the court as your favorite character.
  • Reactive cityscape: Watch your shots ricochet off objects and other cool effects.

To learn more about the game, go to

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