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Get coverage if your AT&T PREPAID plan ends

Want to keep using your phone but can’t make a payment just yet? Use BridgePay to get unlimited talk, text, and 1GB or 4 GB of data in the U.S.


What to know about BridgePay

If you get this monthly Add-On, you can:
  • Extend your service for 7 days after your plan expires.
  • Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data (1GB or 4GB) in the U.S.
  • Add BridgePay only after your existing prepaid plan expires.
  • Roll over BridgePay data if you buy another Add-On before the current one expires.
Want to learn how we manage our network? Go to
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How to get BridgePay

First, make sure you have a balance on your account. Then, choose one of the following:
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