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Enjoy AT&T Unlimited Premium on us

Thanks for being an AT&T Signature Program member! Your AT&T Unlimited Extra plan was upgraded to AT&T Unlimited Premium at no additional cost.


What to know

Good news! We upgraded your wireless plan as our way of saying thanks. As a perk of the AT&T Signature Program you now have the AT&T Unlimited Premium® plan and can enjoy an extra 10GB of mobile hotspot data at no extra charge.

The plan upgrade is free of charge! You get more benefits with Unlimited Premium, like unlimited premium data and 50GB of mobile hotspot data. Plus, you get HD streaming. However, you're paying the same monthly price as before, and your discounts per line remain the same as long as you remain on the plan.

You’ll see the change to the Unlimited Premium plan, along with a credit for each line, on your next bill.1

Plan details
AT&T Unlimited Premium is the only discounted unlimited plan offered to AT&T Signature Program members. You can have up to 10 smartphones or basic phones on this plan.2

Here’s what AT&T Unlimited Premium includes and how it compares to AT&T Unlimited ExtraSM:

FeatureUnlimited Extra3

(Old plan)
Unlimited Premium2,4

(New plan)
High-speed data 2,3,4
Unlimited plus 50GB of premium data

After 50GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy
Unlimited data that can’t slow down based on usage
5G access2,3,4
Mobile hotspot data use per line15GB50GB
Mobile security3,4
ActiveArmorSM advanced mobile security

(spam and fraud call blocking, identity monitoring, safe browsing, and more)
ActiveArmor advanced mobile security

(spam and fraud call blocking, identity monitoring, safe browsing, and more)
Video streamingSD4K UHD
Unlimited in Mexico, and Canada2,3,4
Unlimited text from the U.S. to 120+ countriesYesYes

Learn more about our network management policies

Good to know: Want to stay on your AT&T Unlimited Extra plan? Contact us

Other plan details

Get info about Unlimited Premium discounts

We’re giving you the Premium plan for the price of AT&T Unlimited Extra. This means:
  • If you have 1 to 5 lines, you’ll save up to $10 for each phone line on Premium only.
  • If you have 6 to 10 phone lines, you’ll get up to a $5 discount per phone line on Premium only.
  • You’ll see the credit on your bill and online account in the next bill period.
  • If the upgrade was made in the middle of your bill period, you’ll see a partial-month discount on your bill.
Save money! Sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing to enjoy an additional $10 discount per wireless phone line off your monthly bill on up to 10 lines.

View your customer service summary

Want to get a quick look at your services?
  1. Go to your myAT&T Profile. Sign in, if asked.
  2. Scroll to Account settings and select Account users.
  3. Choose your mobile number from the list.
  4. Select See recent order details (customer service summary).
Good to know: You can review the Consumer Service Agreement to learn more about the terms and conditions that apply.

Enjoy AT&T 5G

You've got the plan. Now choose from any of our 5G smartphones with our best deals for everyone to enjoy AT&T 5G—Fast. Reliable. Secure. Shop 5G phones

Activate AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security

Great news! With Unlimited Elite, you get essential network security features including automatic fraud call blocking and suspected spam risk alerts. No action required.

You’ll also want to enable the additional ActiveArmor security features that come with your Unlimited plan. 

Use your plan in Mexico or Canada
Here’s what you can do with a compatible phone when you’re in Mexico or Canada:
  • Call any number in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada.
  • Send and receive picture and video text messages.
  • Use your AT&T Unlimited Premium plan data at no extra charge.

Mobile hotspot data info

After 50GB of hotspot use, we slow speeds to a maximum of 128Kbps for each mobile hotspot data line.

Stay eligible

To keep eligibility and continue getting credits:
  • Hold onto your employer benefit through the AT&T Signature Program.
  • Stay on the AT&T Unlimited Premium wireless plan.
Your offer credits stop or the amount changes if you:
  • Switch employers
  • Change wireless plans
  • Add or decrease the number of lines on your account, which may change your monthly credit amount for each line.
    • 1-5 lines: $10 discount per phone line per month for Premium only
    • 6-10 lines: $5 discount per phone line per month for Premium only

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