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Use AT&T PREPAID outside the U.S.

Get the international travel add-on to talk, text, and use data while in select countries. Plus, use it to call to other countries and more.


About the international travel add-on

Enjoy 7 days of unlimited talk and text, plus 5GB of data in select countries for $35. With this add-on, you can:
  • Use talk, text, and data on your phone or tablet while you’re traveling in select countries
  • Make calls and send texts back to the U.S. when traveling abroad
Make sure you have:
Countries covered by the international travel add-on
To find out where we offer service, check your location on our coverage map.

What to know before you get the add-on

  • You’ll want to buy the package the day you arrive. Your 7-day window starts as soon as you add it to your account.
  • If you have the add-on and are running low on data, we’ll let you know.
  • When you have the add-on and sign in to your myPREPAID, any data you use won’t count against your AT&T PREPAIDSM data allowance.

How to get it

By text

Buy the add-on by replying to the text you get from us when you reach your destination.
Make sure you have funds in your account to complete the purchase.


Already traveling and want to get the add-on? Sign in to myPREPAID and use Wi-Fi® to make your first purchase.
  1. Go to your myPREPAID.
  2. Select Add-Ons.
  3. Scroll down to International Travel Add-On and follow the prompts.

By phone

  1. Call 611 for free from your AT&T PREPAID phone.
  2. Say Manage my plan, then Make changes to plan and package, and then International.
  3. Follow the prompts.

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