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Learn about AT&T PREPAID data-only plans

With an AT&T PREPAID data plan for tablets and mobile hotspots, you get 5G access, flexible pricing, and no credit check. Learn more!


Activate a data plan

Activate your new device and sign up for an AT&T PREPAIDSM data plan that’s right for you.Go

AT&T PREPAID data plan details

AT&T PREPAID data plans

  • 20GB of data for $25 per month1 (when you pay for 12 months in advance at $300)
  • 15GB of data for $35 per month2
  • 50GB of data for $55 per month2
  • 100GB of data for $90 per month2
Get 5G access where available.3

FYI: You can get additional data add-ons at $10 for 5GB.4

Eligible devices

Your tablet, mobile hotspot, and connected cameras are eligible, as well as your RV hotspot and other connected data devices.

Manage your plan

Need to change your plan? You can:

DataConnect Pass plans

As of April 13, 2022, DataConnect Pass (session-based) plans are no longer available for new accounts. Instead, you can choose an AT&T PREPAID data plan for tablet, hotspot, RV, or other connected data device. If you have an existing DataConnect Pass, you can use it until all accounts move to AT&T PREPAID data plans later this year.

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