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Get info on your change to AT&T Value Plus 2GB

Learn when your current plan ends—and what to expect from the AT&T Value Plus 2GB plan.


What to know

Starting September 2022, we’re retiring some of our wireless plans, including your current plan. As a result, your bill will include a notice to let you know we’re automatically moving you to the AT&T Value Plus 2GB plan. However, you’ll pay the same price as your current plan (or less) and get the same features (or more).

AT&T Value Plus 2GB plan details

Value Plus 2GB includes:
  • Unlimited talk and text in the U.S.
  • 2GB of high-speed data (data overage $15/1GB)
  • Hotspot data (up to monthly plan allotment)
  • ActiveArmorSM mobile security (spam and fraud call blocking)
Good to know: AT&T Value Plus 2GB is only available for one phone line. If you want to add more phone lines, visit to explore plan options.
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