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View and pay off an installment plan

Pay off your balance or pay to upgrade your smartphone, tablet, wearable, accessory, or basic phone.


Get your installment plan details

Here's how to check and pay your balance:
  1. Go to Installment plan details. Sign in if asked. 
  2. Select the device you want to view.
  3. Choose your option:
  • Make a plan payment to pay off your device.
  • Upgrade device to pay it off and get a new one.

Important info

  • Once submitted, payments are final and can't be reversed
  • You may be able to unlock your device after you pay off its installment plan. Get info about device unlock eligibility
  • You can’t make extra payments on your installment balance, but you can pay off your full remaining balance at any time
  • If you have a turn-in-eligible plan like AT&T Next UpSM, you may want to turn in your smartphone and upgrade to a new device.