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Error codes and messages

Find out what the error or message you see means and how to fix it.


Learn about errors

In rare instances, you’ll see a message with an error on your TV screen. In most cases, you can easily resolve the issue yourself using our troubleshooting instructions. Select any of the codes below to get started.

Error codeMessage
203Service Interrupted. See or call 1-800-531-5000, ext. 203
711Access Card Not Active
721Service Not Authorized
722Error Code 722: Service Expired
724/725/726Please Refresh Your Service
731/732/733/736Unable to order IPPV or IPPV Purchase Limit
734/741/742/743Error code 734, 741, 742, or 743
744Error code 744
745/746Error code 745 or 746
749Multi-switch problem. Check that the cables are connected correctly and the multi-switch is working properly
752 Error code 752
761/762Please insert your access card or Insert Valid Access Card
763Error code 763
764Error code 764
771Error code 771
773Error code 773
774Error code 774
775 or 920Error code 775 or 920
Channel not availableChannel not available
Pixelated or frozen screenIf your pictures seems frozen or pixelated it may be caused by weather or a tree limb obstructing, your satellite dish's clear view of the satellite.
“No signal” or black, blue, or gray screenNo signal or your TV screen turned, black or blue, or gray. Can be caused by a variety of things. Please this error message for complete details.
No user activity/ power saving modeWhen in Power Saving mode, your receivers use less energy, savings your money and helping protect the environment. 
Overheating receiverYour receiver is too hot and needs to cool down. Clear any obstructed air vents. The receiver will shut itself off if it continues to overheat.
TV does not support this program’s content protectionTV does not support this program’s content protection