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Fire code occupancy

Find out why we need to know the maximum building occupancy of your business.


Learn about FCO

Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) is the maximum building occupancy allowed in a commercial business. It’s typically validated through an FCO certificate. We use the FCO certificate to price DIRECTV® programming for commercial customers.

When you add a sports subscription for the first time, you’ll need to send your FCO certificate or other FCO documentation to AT&T. Other FCO documentation we accept:
  • Building Occupancy Certificate (only if maximum occupancy is listed)
  • Business license (stating number of available seats)
  • Letter from Fire Marshall, building inspector, or other city official (must be signed, on official city letterhead, and indicate specific occupancy)
  • Certificate of Inspection (stating capacity of location)
  • Life Hazard Use Certificate of Registration (stating maximum capacity)

Note: FCO documentation is subject to review and approval prior to the activation of programming.