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Overheating receiver

Find out how to fix an overheating receiver.


Learn more about an overheating receiver

Your receiver is too hot and needs to cool down. Clear any obstructed air vents. The receiver will shut itself off if it continues to overheat.

You’ll see this message if your receiver detects a high internal temperature. High temperatures can be caused by the location of the receiver.

Move your receiver so it’s not in any of these locations:
  • Directly on top of or underneath the TV
  • On top or underneath other electronic devices
  • On a soft surface like a rug or blanket (this causes the heat to insulate)
  • In an area where its vents are blocked

If the temperature continues to rise, your receiver will reboot itself. The following things happen during a reboot:
  • The red record light comes on.
  • The receiver’s fan speed goes to the maximum speed.
  • This message appears onscreen:
    Your satellite box is over the temperature limit. Maximum safe operating temperature is 140°. Current box temperature is x. Cooling down. Please wait.

If your receiver is still overheating after it reboots, do the following:
  • Put the receiver in a well-ventilated area.
  • Leave space on all sides of the receiver.
  • Keep receiver vents well-dusted and free of debris.

If your receiver is still overheating after having time to cool down, call 888.388.4249 for assistance.