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AddressGuard & disposable email addresses

Learn about AddressGuard, how to set it up, and how to manage disposable email addresses.


AddressGuard setup and management

AddressGuard is a powerful tool you can use to fight spam. You can use it to create up to 500 disposable email addresses to use when you don't want to reveal your primary email address. Messages sent to your disposable email addresses are delivered to your primary email inbox or to any personal folder you select. If a disposable email address begins receiving spam, you can simply delete that email address without affecting your primary address. Creating and deleting a disposable address is easy and convenient.

AddressGuard enhances your privacy by allowing you to give out an email address that is not visibly connected to you in any way. Not only is your inbox protected from spam, but your privacy is protected as well.

Set up AddressGuard
Complete the AddressGuard Set Up Wizard to start using disposable emails addresses.
  1. Go to the AT&T homepage.
  2. Select Email.
  3. Enter your email username and password in the fields provided.
  4. Select Login.
  5. Select Options.
  6. Select AddressGuard to start the setup wizard.
  7. At the prompt, select your basename and your first keyword.
  8. Complete the rest of the setup wizard.

Once you complete the setup wizard, you can use disposable addresses. The setup wizard also provides information about the major benefits and limits of AddressGuard, as well as instructions for managing the feature's settings.

About disposable email address names
After you set up AddressGuard, you can add more disposable email addresses. Disposable addresses require a basename and a keyword.
  • Basename Appears at the beginning of every disposable email address you create. Once you create it, you can’t change it.
  • Keyword Appears as the second name on the address. You change it with each new address you create.

Your addresses automatically include your main domain name. For example:
  • If your domain is, your disposable address is
  • If your domain is or, your disposable address is or
  • If your domain is or another domain, your disposable address is still

Manage AddressGuard settings
You can use any of these settings to manage AddressGuard.
  • Account settings Provide options to update your general account settings. They’re located In the Management column of Mail Options.
  • Message view Adds a message view header and links to every message addressed to a disposable address. Click one link to manage the address and click the other link to disable it.
  • Inbox view Adds a link to the To field in every message addressed to a disposable address. You can click the To field link to go to the address management page, if the address is active, or to a page where you can activate the address.
  • This is spam Automatically disables a disposable address when you report a message as spam.
  • AT&T Companion Toolbar Provides options you can use to conveniently manage your disposable addresses without opening AddressGuard.