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Why does my firewall log indicate that AT&T Internet Services is trying to access my computer?

Learn more about About firewall logs.


About firewall logs

You may receive a firewall log entry from one of following IP addresses:

This is a network scan from AT&T Internet Services. This scan does not enter your computer, access any of your personal information or files, or bypass any firewall or other controls. This scan is used to detect computers that may pose a security risk because they may be:
  • Vulnerable to known security risks that have not been patched
  • Infected by network trojan horses, worms or viruses
  • Unsecured mail servers with open relays
  • Running unsecured proxy applications

After this scan has been completed, if any serious security issue is detected, we will contact those members whose accounts are linked to the computer network address that was scanned.

As specified the Terms and Conditions, AT&T Internet Service members are responsible for the security of their own computers. Our port scan is not a substitute for a careful examination of your own computers. We recommend use of personal hardware and/or software firewalls, and we suggest that all members install anti-virus software to scan the contents of their computers for viruses and worms.