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To Prevent Browser Hijacking You Should Upgrade to AT&T Internet Security

Learn how to prevent browser hijacking by upgrading to AT&T Internet Security.


Prevent browser hijacking

Browser Hijacking Overview

A browser1 hijacker is a program that changes your browser's settings, registry settings, system settings; and installs files on your computer that cannot be modified or deleted. In most instances, browser hijackers are using these unethical techniques to market products or to generate more traffic in order to make money.

Browser hijackers usually alter the default startup page and search pages on your computer, preventing you from changing them back. Sometimes a hijacker will change your browser's home page and search page, show you a pop-up ad indicating spyware has been detected on your computer, and offer to sell you an anti-spyware product to remove it.

This behavior is unethical, and these companies are often small companies or individuals looking to make a quick buck instead of selling a superior, competitive anti-spyware product.

Problems Caused by a Browser Hijacker

A browser hijacker can do one or more of the following:
  • Change your "search" page to pass all searches on to a certain site.
  • Change your default home page to a different site.
  • Install a browser helper object to relay or capture data from your computer and completely control the browser.
  • Change your system settings.
  • Change windows policies or alter internet settings.
  • Modify and/or create registry entries preventing you from resetting your startup page or search page.
  • Install malicious .dll files (among others) with protection rights, preventing you from deleting them off your hard drive.

Prevention and Protection

Spyware is software that covertly gathers information about you while you navigate the internet. These programs track your online activities, including the websites you visit, advertisement banners you click, and search engines you use. Spyware is a tool used by Internet marketers to collect your personal data. You may unknowingly install spyware when you download programs from the Internet, install software from disks, or open suspicious email attachments. Spyware can modify your computer's settings, activate pop-ups, record the websites you visit, or display advertisements on your screen. Spyware usually runs in your computer?s background, causing your computer and surfing speed to run slow. Malicious spyware can log every key stroke you type on your keyboard and return this information back to its originator. As a result, you could become a victim of identity theft.

Because it usually embeds itself within your registry files, spyware is difficult to remove without a tool for detecting spyware. We recommend you download and install AT&T Internet Security, from the AT&T Software Center.

Note: Spyware may be embedded in software you have licensed from a third party pursuant. A separate license agreement may require that you install and run the spyware in order to utilize the other software. AT&T Internet Services strongly recommends that you carefully review all software licenses to which you have agreed. If you use a utility to remove spyware, AT&T Internet Services is not responsible should a breach of a license agreement occur.

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