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Why should I clear my browser's history?

Learn the benefits of clearing your browser history.


About clearing your browser history

When you visit a Web site, your browser automatically saves the Web site address, or URL, and saves it on your hard drive in a history file or folder. This file/folder allows you to view a list of previously visited Web pages, without having to type the address again.

The size of your history file/folder will grow as you browse until it meets the limit set by your browser. When this happens, your browser will delete some URLs, starting with the oldest. Even though your browser will do this automatically, clearing your history manually on occasion may help speed up your system. If your browser hangs or freezes frequently, it may help to clear your browser's history.

Refer to How to clear your browser's history  for step-by-step instructions on how to manually clear your history. You may also want to refer to your browser's support documentation for additional information on clearing your browser's history and managing your browser.