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Device connections with AT&T Smart Home Manager

Keeping up with the devices connected to your business network has never been easier. Invite guests, view device connections, and manage connected devices with just a few clicks.


Access the AT&T Smart Home Manager®

Log in with your AT&T email or AT&T user ID and password to have all your network connections at your fingertips.Sign in

View and manage device connections

Supported Wi-Fi gateways

AT&T Smart Home Manager® is compatible with the following Wi-Fi gateways:
  • 5168NV
  • 5268AC
  • NVG589 (firmware version 9.1.6 and above)
  • BGW210
  • 5031NV
  • NVG599
  • 3600HGV
  • 3801HGV

View devices connected to your business network

Note: AT&T Smart Home Manager is only available in select areas.

The AT&T Smart Home Manager home screen displays the number and type of devices that connect to your Wi-Fi business network.

To view device-specific information:
  1. Select Devices. A list of all devices in your network will display. 
  2. Select the specific device you wish to view. The device connection information displays including whether the device is connected, the connection type, and more.

Manage Wi-Fi access

Turn Wi-Fi access on or off for individual devices

Note: This feature is not available for all Wi-Fi gateways.
  1. From Devices, select the device that you wish to change Wi-Fi access. 
  2. Select Wi-Fi Access to toggle the Wi-Fi On or Off for that device. In order for a connection to work, the device must also have Wi-Fi turned On. When Wi-Fi is turned off for the device, it can still access wireless networks.

Invite guests to connect to your business network
Connecting guests to your network has never been easier.

Note: This feature is not available for all Wi-Fi gateways.
  1. From the home screen, select Invite Guest.
  2. With your:
    • Computer or tablet: Enter the guest’s email address.
    • Smartphone: Enter the guest’s wireless number.
  3. Select Send. The recipient will receive an email or text message with your business network information to enter in their device Wi-Fi settings.

Once connected, the new device will display in your Connections.