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GSP Charge

Learn about the GSP Charge.

about the GSP Charge

A GSP (Global Service Provider) charge is a breakout of the cost paid to network service providers for transport across the Internet. GSP charges are not a tax on Internet service.

A GSP company is a separate company and not affiliated with AT&T Internet Services. If the connection to the Internet was provided by a GSP, it may have been Digex Inc., IBM, Sprint, Williams, or Covad Communications, depending on the service ordered and where the service was used.

If a separate GSP company provided this long distance connection, the GSP set the price and established the terms and conditions for use of the GSP service. These long distance charges were then included as part of the monthly price agreed when the Internet service was ordered, and, if provided by a GSP, it simply appeared as a separate line item on the Internet service bill.

With the recent FCC authorization for AT&T to provide long distance service in all of our service states, there is no longer a requirement to use a separate GSP company for the long distance service and the separate GSP charge will no longer appear on the Internet service bill.