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Make, view, or edit a late payment

Find out how to make, view, or edit a late payment.


Manage late payments

About late payments

Need to pay your bill after the due date? Don't risk your service being interrupted; instead find out if you can make a payment arrangement to pay your bill at a later date. Payment arrangement options vary depending on the status of your account. Payment arrangement details:
  • You can make payments by mailing a check, making a payment at an authorized payment location, paying online at myAT&T for Business, or paying by phone.
  • To create a payment arrangement record, schedule a payment after your bill due date or select a payment arrangement option (mail, authorized payment location, online or phone).
  • The amount you agree to pay must be credited to the account on or before the date you committed to and according to the conditions of the arrangement. Bills not paid in full by the payment due date will incur a late payment charge. 
  • A convenience fee may apply if you make payments by phone or at an authorized payment location.
  • Not meeting your payment arrangement may result in:
    • Service interruption.
    • Service restoral fees.
    • Inability to create additional payment arrangements for a three-month period.
    • Late fees

If your service is already interrupted, pay the past-due balance. Once we receive the payment and credit your account, we’ll submit a request to restore your service. Restoring service can take up to four hours. If you’re enrolled in AutoPay, your existing automatic payments will continue to be deducted after your service is restored.

Make a payment arrangement

To set up a payment arrangement for an AT&T service, do the following:

  1. Sign-in to myAT&T for Business. If you don't have a sign-in, register now.
  2. Select Make Payment Options.
  3. Complete all required fields, and then select next.

To split your payment arrangement for an AT&T service, do the following:

  1. Sign-in to myAT&T for Business. If you don't have a sign-in, register now.
  2. Select Make Payment Options.
  3. Select the Split this payment link to schedule two payments with different dates, amounts, or payment methods.
  4. Enter the amount of your payments under Payment Amount.
  5. Select the calendar icon, next to the date field, and choose a date.
  6. Select a Payment Method.
  7. Fill in and select the applicable fields, and then Select Next to complete the setup of your payment arrangement.
  8. Check your email for a confirmation message regarding your payment arrangement.

Contact us

For assistance with any of the following, call 888.944.0447.
  • Arrange a payment plan.
  • Discuss an existing payment arrangement.
  • Report a payment.

The automated system will confirm your phone number and connect your call. To avoid service suspension, arrange your payment plan prior to the due date on your bill.