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Do I need an existing Call Forwarding service on my line in order to forward calls when there is an outage in my area?

Learn about forwarding calls when there is an outage.

About forwarding calls when there is an outage in your area

No. Call Forwarding will automatically be added to your account, free of charge, only if there is an outage in your area. This temporary feature allows you to redirect incoming calls to a specified number for a pre-determined period of time.

Note: No calls will be received in your voicemail when Call Forwarding is activated on your line.

You can order Call Forwarding by contacting us and have the capability of redirecting calls in the future should any issues occur on your line. The temporary Call Forwarding will automatically be deactivated and removed from your account 24 hours after the problem has been resolved. You do have the option of deactivating this feature yourself by hitting 73# on your business phone.

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