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Be in control with AT&T SMART payments

AT&T offers Business Customers, Bill Payment Consolidators, and Government Agencies the option to send (push) Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments to AT&T via the Automated Clearing House (ACH).


Electronic Funds Transfer Payments to AT&T

With AT&T SMART (Specialized Management of ACH Remit Transactions) payments you are in control, you can conveniently pay your AT&T bill using EFT/ACH. It provides a versatile solution for streamlining your payment and remittance process.
  • You can use any Electronic Data Invoicing (EDI) file type: PPD, CCD, CTX, and CCD+
  • Complete control of the accounts you wish to pay
  • Complete control in how much you want to pay on each account
  • Complete control of when you make a payment
  • The ability to generate ACH files from Accounts Payable systems, creating the opportunity to integrate the payment process with your internal reporting systems
AT&T SMART Payments will dramatically improve your direct cash posting experience.

Option 1

AT&T Inbound Corporate Payment (ICP) process is the receipt of national standard ACH transmissions that include: CCD+ or CTX file formats

The 3 step enrollment process to send ACH payments to AT&T is outlined below:
  1. Complete and return the AT&T EFT/ACH Payment Registration form (ECF11) - The purpose of this form is to provide AT&T with the critical information required to securely identify and accurately process payments received. To request a copy of this form, please send an email to the ICP Enrollment mailbox or download form (PDF, 25KB) and return to ICP Enrollment mailbox email. AT&T EFT/ECH Enrollment process instructions (PDF, 27KB)
  2. Non-production testing - AT&T processes all ACH transactions and addenda records internally. Therefore, AT&T must test prior to providing its banking information. Testing is done using a live penny test in a test only environment.
  3. Implementation - AT&T Banking Information (ECF12) - After successful non-production testing, AT&T banking information is provided on an AT&T authorized form (ECF12).

Option 2

ACH with Separate Remit Advice
  • SMART Payments uses intelligent character recognition to capture relevant information from emails, then create remittance advices, and automatically associate them with your electronic transactions.
  • Electronic Data Invoicing (EDI) file type: PPD or CCD.
    • EDI file formats without remit data embedded in file.
  • Email Remit data: PDF, Spreadsheet, or Text File.
  • You can direct the remittance information to the bank using email.