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Turn in phones on an installment plan

Get the requirements to trade in a phone on an AT&T Next Up installment plan.


Prepare for your upgrade

Check your installment plan

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to turn in your device for your installment plan.

Check your device

Your phone must be in good physical condition, fully functional, and have any activation locks disabled. This means:
  • It powers on and off.
  • The screen is intact, free of any chips, and functions properly.
  • The device is free of breaks or cracks.
  • The battery is included.
  • The activation lock is disabled (apps like Find My iPhone lock the phone and need to be disabled).
If it doesn’t meet all requirements, we won’t accepted it a turn-in for your Next UpSM option. You’ll be responsible for the remainder of your installment payments.

We’ll bill any remaining installment payments to your account when we receive a turn-in that isn't eligible.

Tip: Have a device protection plan? You can file a claim and pay the deductible for a replacement smartphone. Then you can use your replacement smartphone as your AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up upgrade trade-in.

Select a new smartphone

You have two options:
  • Choose another AT&T Installment Plan with Next UpSM.
  • Buy a phone with no annual contract at regular price.

Return your device

When we get your eligible device after you upgrade, the terms of your previous installment agreement will be completed. No further installments are billed for the turn-in.

Turn in your phone

Prepare your device

  • Remove all user locks or set the password to 0000. If your phone is locked when we receive it, it won’t qualify as a turn-in. You’ll be charged the remaining installment payments.
  • Erase all personal data.
  • Reset to factory settings. See owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for instructions.
  • Remove confidential, proprietary, or personal info from the device. Find detailed steps in device support.
  • Remove the SIM card, memory card, and any accessories.
  • Leave the battery in the phone.
AT&T, our vendors, and our suppliers can’t return any device that you turn in for upgrade.

Ship your turn-in phone

You have 30 days to return your old device once your new device has shipped.
  1. Get the prepaid return label that came with your original phone shipment, and the box that came with your upgraded smartphone.
  2. Put your urn-in phone (with the battery) and signed agreement in the box and seal it.
  3. Place the prepaid label over the current box label. Don’t use this label to return a new phone.
  4. Make note of the tracking number (found on the return label) so you can track your package after shipping. The number will begin with either 610 or 725.
  5. Mail the package through the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure you request a receipt confirming you shipped your turn-in within 30 days of receiving your new device.
  6. Use your tracking number to track your return at

After you ship

We’ll send a text to your new smartphone and an email confirming receipt of your turn-in with our assessment of its condition. We’ll check it for each of these standards:
  • It’s the same make and model as your original smartphone.
  • It’s in good physical and fully functional condition.
  • It has been reset and doesn’t have any type of lock disabling it (such as Find my iPhone).
  • It hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen (for example, blacklisted).
  • We receive your turn-in within 44 days (for customers or Individual Responsibility Users, or 75 days for Corporate Responsibility Users).
If your phone doesn’t meet all the requirements, you may be charged the remaining balance on your AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up agreement.

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