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Update account password for security

Learn how to stop others from viewing your bill.


Make changes so only you will be able to view your bill

Only people to whom you have given your myAT&T online account User ID and Password should be able to view your bill. If someone else knows your myAT&T User ID and Password, you can make changes so only you will be able to view your bill.
  1. Sign in to myAT&T  with your current User ID and Password.
  2. Select VIEW PROFILE, found in the top navigation area.
  3. Select Sign-in information tab.
  4. Select Change Password link in the myAT&T Profile section of the page.
  5. Enter your new information and select Submit.
  6. For added protection, change your User ID by selecting the cChange your AT&T Access.
  7. Enter your new User ID on the next page and select Save.

We recommend that you do not share your myAT&T User ID and Password with others and that you change your Password frequently.

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