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How AT&T Mobile Security app protects your Android device

Learn how AT&T Mobile Security app helps protect your Android smartphone from malware, viruses, and spyware.


Security scans and protection

AT&T Mobile Security scans your Android smartphone and all apps for malware. It looks for Trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware and other suspicious software. AT&T Mobile Security scans on demand and whenever app installation occurs. If you select File Security, Mobile Security also actively monitors your files.

AT&T Mobile Security doesn’t scan your email. Your email lives on servers owned by your email provider, not on your phone. However, if you download something from email that contains malware or spyware, App Security can help detect it.

When Mobile Security identifies a threat to your device, the Security tab turns red and remains red until you take action.
  • The app won’t automatically delete the files or apps. 
  • Once you select the Security tab, you’re given information and options to take on the threat. 
  • If you monitor your files, you may also get pop-up alerts letting you know how to handle threats. 

AT&T Mobile Security doesn't flag viruses that don't harm mobile devices.

AT&T Mobile Security performs ongoing virus and malware analysis and provides updates to address new and emerging threats on a regular basis. Enable automatic updates on your device to keep your data and privacy protected with the latest version of the app.