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Troubleshoot AT&T Mobile Security on Android smartphones

Learn how to troubleshoot common AT&T Mobile Security issues on Android smartphones.


Learn how to troubleshoot A&T Mobile Security

AT&T Mobile Security is not updating properly
If your AT&T Mobile Security app is not updating properly from the Google Play Store you can go to your device’s Home screen and do the following:
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Application manager/Apps > Running > Google Play Store.
  3. Select Clear Cache.
  4. Select Force stop.
  5. Press your home button and go to AT&T Mobile Security in the Play Store.
  6. Select Update.

The AT&T Mobile Security update should start.

If these steps fail to reset the Play Store, then you’ll need to clear more settings. From your device Home screen carefully follow the directions below:
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Application manager/Apps > All > Google Services Framework.
  3. Select Clear Data, then Force Stop.
  4. Go back.
  5. Scroll to Google Play Store.
  6. Tap Clear Data, then Force Stop.
  7. Turn the phone off and back on (This is important!).

Open the Play Store again, and you should be able to download the AT&T Mobile Security app or update the application. If your download problem remains, please submit a request to app support or Google, as this is a Google Play issue.

The app is available to AT&T eligible customers on compatible devices (currently characterized as postpaid, VoLTE capable devices) with Android smartphones running compatible versions of the operating system.