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Sign up for AT&T International Day Pass

Find out how to use your phone or tablet while traveling abroad in over 100 countries.


How it works

  • Sign up once. AT&T International Day Pass® stays on your account for whenever you travel internationally.
  • Make or receive a call, send a text, or use your plan data in any included country to get started. See international travel plan options available by country at
  • Pay the daily fee only for the days you talk, text, and use data within an included country.
  • Travel to multiple included countries in a day. You’ll only be charged one daily fee in a 24-hour period.
  • Call within or between included countries or back to the U.S. at no extra charge while in an International Day Pass country.
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See international options and eligibility

Before you go, tell us about your trip. We'll let you know if your plan already covers you, or we’ll suggest the best option.

International charges apply when you talk, text, or use data outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. But you can save if you have International Day Pass, AT&T Passport®, or a similar plan for international travel.

Manage International Day Pass
Get detailed instructions to:

Limitations on International Day Pass
International talk, text, or data use shouldn’t exceed 50% of your total talk, text, or data use for 2 months in a row. If it does, we may remove your International Day Pass.
International Day Pass only works with AT&T unlimited or Mobile Share® plans.
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More usage, call, and data information

Unintended usage
  • If you have both International Day Pass and an AT&T Passport®, the $10 daily fee overrides AT&T Passport in included countries. Using an AT&T Passport won't prevent any talk or data overage charges you incur.
  • If you have a domestic plan or an international coverage option that includes use in Mexico or Canada, you won’t be charged the International Day Pass $10 daily fee in Mexico or Canada.
  • If you’re talking, texting or using data in countries not included in International Day Pass, pay-per-use rates apply. You can avoid these charges by adding an international travel option like AT&T Passport to your device. See international travel plan options by country at

Unintended data charges
  • Check the apps on your device. Apps running in the background may use data and trigger the $10 daily fee.
  • Avoid unintended data use by turning off roaming on your device. To learn how, go to Device Support > Learn how to > Connectivity > Signal & Cellular Data.
  • Prevent international data charges by not streaming Data Free TV abroad. Data Free TV isn’t available outside the U.S. so international data charges apply.

Unintended call charges
  • Add an AT&T World Connect® plan to your device to avoid per-minute pay-per-use rates. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for calls to countries not included by International Day Pass at international long distance rates. Go to to see rates and options.
  • Consider turning off Wi-Fi® calling. We won’t charge you for Wi-Fi calls back to the U.S., but calls to all other countries will be billed based on your domestic calling plan or international long distance option, as applicable. Learn more about Wi-Fi Calling.

For questions while traveling outside the U.S.
  • Call +1.314.925.6925 at no charge from your AT&T wireless phone.
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