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Manage mobile purchases and subscriptions

Learn how to view, cancel, block, and manage 3rd party and AT&T mobile purchases from the AT&T mobile purchase website.


Manage AT&T and 3rd party mobile purchases

Capability to charge mobile purchases to your wireless bill

You can make donations and purchase content, goods, and features (including subscriptions) such as apps and games from AT&T and other companies. Both AT&T and 3rd party mobile purchases can be directly billed to your AT&T wireless account and the cost of the purchase is sent in a text notification. These charges appear in separate sections of your bill. You are responsible for all charges for authorized purchases, but have the option to block these purchases by adding Purchase Blocker.

AT&T features and apps (includes subscriptions, apps, games, etc.)

  • AT&T features are managed in myAT&T. To manage features offered directly through AT&T such as AT&T Mobile Insurance, AT&T Navigator etc. - go to Change your wireless features.

3rd party features and apps (includes subscriptions, apps, games, etc.)

  • All other features and apps are managed in Mobile Purchases.
  • If the feature or app is not listed n myAT&T, it’s from a 3rd party company.

Block mobile purchases charged to an AT&T account
Purchase Blocker is a free feature that allows you to block your device from making mobile purchases and buying subscriptions sold by other companies that would be billed to your AT&T account. Purchase Blocker also blocks some mobile purchases and subscriptions sold by AT&T.

When Purchase Blocker is on, existing mobile subscriptions will be canceled and one-time purchase attempts will be unsuccessful (including one-time charitable donations). Purchase Blocker does not restrict mobile purchases paid with credit cards or other forms of payment.

How to block, cancel, and manage features and apps

Add Purchase Blocker
Purchase Blocker must be added to each wireless number you wish to block on your account. Purchase Blocker can be added to your wireless number by signing in to and selecting Add or Change a feature. For help, chat with us online or call 800.331.0500 (611 from your AT&T wireless phone).

The following instructions are for managing 3rd party mobile purchases that are billed directly to your AT&T account. In order to view and manage your mobile purchases, you need the device used to make the purchases. To manage AT&T features, see Change or remove AT&T wireless features.

Keep track of mobile purchases and subscriptions

Request billing notification for mobile purchases
You can be notified by email or text message when a mobile purchase is billed to your account. To learn more, go to Billing notifications.