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Add AT&T Purchase Blocker

Learn how to add AT&T Purchase Blocker to block mobile purchases (apps, games, ringtones, etc.) that are billed directly to your AT&T wireless account.



About AT&T Purchase Blocker

AT&T Purchase Blocker is a free feature that blocks mobile purchases (apps, games, ringtones, and more) that are billed directly to your AT&T wireless account.

Adding Purchase Blocker can help avoid unwanted or unexpected charges to your AT&T wireless bill.

Here’s some important information to note about using Purchase Blocker:
  • AT&T Purchase Blocker needs to be added to each line on the account that you wish to block from making mobile purchases.
  • Existing mobile subscriptions (e.g., apps, games, alert services, etc.) will be canceled.
  • One-time purchase attempts (including charitable donations) will be blocked.
  • Does not restrict credit card purchases from smartphone app stores.
  • Will not block AT&T Navigator or AT&T FamilyMap features.

Manage the Purchase Blocker wireless feature