Perform a Wireless Enterprise Activation with a RIM BlackBerry
Perform a Wireless Enterprise Activation with a RIM BlackBerry
Remotely Activate a RIM BlackBerry on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0
BlackBerry Handheld Software version 4.0
BlackBerry Handheld Software version 4.1
BlackBerry Handheld Software version 4.2
BlackBerry Wireless e-mail Activation
BlackBerry Enterprise Activation
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Wireless enterprise activation enables a user to remotely activate a handheld on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server without a physical network connection. Wireless enterprise activation can also be used to deploy a large quantity of BlackBerry handhelds.


  • Verify the RIM BlackBerry is using Handheld Software version 4.0 or later
  • Verify the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version is 4.0 or later
  • Verify the service is provisioned with a RIM BlackBerry Enterprise data rate plan
  • Verify the device displays at least two bars of signal and a data attach
  • Obtain an Enterprise Activation password from the BES/IT Administrator
    NOTE: The Password will become invalid after five unsuccessful activation attempts or if the account is not activated within 48 hours after the password is created. In both cases the BES/IT Administrator will have to create a new password.

Perform a wireless enterprise activation

  1. Access the Enterprise Activation screen.
    • If using BlackBerry Handheld Software 4.0, scroll to and select Options>Enterprise Activation.
    • If using BlackBerry Handheld Software 4.1 or later, scroll to and select Settings>Options>Advanced Options>Enterprise Activation.
  2. Enter the e-mail address and password information provided by the BES/IT Administrator.
  3. Click the trackwheel/trackball, then select Activate.
  4. The device will display the status of the process. 
  5. Once the activation is complete, the "Activation Complete" dialog box will appear.
  6. Click OK.

For more information on this issue see RIM Technical Knowledge Center: KB13852.

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