Telemetry Overview
Telemetry Overview
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What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is the means of supervising remote equipment and automated systems using private radio networks, dedicated leased lines, and modems. These applications typically require control data to be transmitted constantly, ranging from several times a second to updates every few minutes. Installing a telemetry system based on a private radio network requires a radio frequency (RF) site survey, obtaining a RF license, possibly acquiring land for placement of radio towers, and specialist knowledge for installing and configuring the equipment.

Example of a Telemetry solution

A customer has a vending machine business. In the past, they would have to send an agent to refill the vending machine on a weekly basis. At busier sites, this may not be often enough. At sites with fewer potential customers, weekly visits may be too frequent. To reduce the cost of sending an agent too often or not often enough, the vending machine business installs GPRS Telemetry units at each of its vending machines. Daily monitoring reports on the site will allow the customer to dispatch an agent as stock is low.

Who uses Telemetry?

Companies use telemetry to control:

  • Gas lines
  • Sewage levels
  • Parking meter usage
  • Credit card machines
  • Vending machines

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