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Accessing browser settings on the...
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What devices are WAP 2.0?
Which devices are WML / xHTML?


Manufacturer Model

WAP 2.0

Audiovox: Audiovox 4100 X X
Audiovox SMT5600 X X
Handspring: Handspring Treo 270 X
Handspring Treo 600 X
LG: LG G4011 X
LG G4015 X
LG G4020 X
LG L1150
Motorola: Motorola A845 X X
Motorola C333 X
Motorola MPx200 X X
Motorola MPx220


Motorola T720 X
Motorola T721 X
Motorola V180 X
Motorola V220 X
Motorola V505 X
Motorola V551 X

Motorola V600

NEC: NEC 515 X X
NEC 525 X X
Nokia: Nokia 3100 X X
Nokia 3120 X X
Nokia 3200 X X
Nokia 3300 X
Nokia 3590 X
Nokia 3595 X
Nokia 3620 X X
Nokia 3650 X
Nokia 6010 X X
Nokia 6200 X
Nokia 6310i X
Nokia 6590 X
Nokia 6651 X X
Nokia 6620 X X
Nokia 6800 X
Nokia 6820 X X
Nokia 7210 X
Nokia 8390 X
Nokia N-Gage X
Nokia N-Gage QD X X


Palm Tungsten W

Palm Treo 650 x x
Panasonic: Panasonic GU87 X
RIM: RIM BlackBerry version 3.2 X
RIM BlackBerry version 3.3 X
RIM BlackBerry version 3.5 X
RIM BlackBerry version 3.6 X
RIM BlackBerry version 3.7 X
Samsung: Samsung E316 X
Samsung V206 X
Samsung X426 X
Siemens: Siemens A56i X
Siemens C56 X
Siemens C61 X
Siemens M56 X
Siemens S46 X
Siemens S56 X
Siemens SL56 X
Siemens SX56 PocketPC 2002 X
Siemens SX56 PocketPC 2003 X X
Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson P800 X X
Sony Ericsson T62u X
Sony Ericsson T68 X
Sony Ericsson T68i X
Sony Ericsson T226 X
Sony Ericsson T306 X
Sony Ericsson T616 X
Sony Ericsson T637 X


  • Though some devices technically support both WML and xHTML browser formats our rigorous testing indicates which browser format provides the desired rendering or navigation of our mMode content.
  • Regardless of the format of the page returned the content and accessibility path is identical.
  • As a result of our extensive testing of each mMode capable device we may have decided that the browser did not provide the desired rendering or navigation of our xHTML mMode content, therefore a WML page will be returned.
  • Detailed browser specifications for each device.

If you are viewing information on devices or services, please note: content reflects instructions for devices and services purchased from AT&T.
Some differences may exist for devices not purchased from AT&T.